Welcome to G.W. Stout Elementary School

Upcoming Events coming in September:

9-23-2016 - Donuts for Dads

Parents a reminder : School starts at 8:20 and ends at 3:05. To get maximum instructional time please make sure your child/children are here on time and stay for the alloted time in class.  Thank you


Dear Parents/Guardians,
For the safety of students and staff, when coming on campus for any reason at  any time, all visitors must check in at the office, sign in, and get a pass.  When leaving campus, sign out and return pass.  It is for the safety of our school.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Dear Parent or Guardian,

 There are a couple items that you need to be aware of , when we have a 2 hour delay we do not feed the students breakfast .  Please make sure they eat before they come to school.  The school will open at 10:00 am for late/delays/snow days.  The doors will remain locked until that time.  School will  officially begin at 10:20 am.  
On regular school days DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN OFF AT SCHOOL BEFORE 7:50 am .  The doors will remain locked until that time 7:50 am.  Breakfast does not start until 8:05 am and school officially begins at 8:20 am.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mr. Lougee at (575) 654-0216

Thank you , David Lougee - Principal